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SP0078 When and How To Manage Primary Raynaud's Phenomenon
  1. J.-L. Cracowski
  1. Clinical Pharmacology Department, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France


Primary Raynaud's phenomenon (PRP) is a common condition characterized by transient ischemia in the extremities in response to cold or emotions, which does not progress to digital ulcerations. The pathophysiology of PRP is multifactorial and complex, and while PRP is considered as a benign condition, it can be associated with significant disability during the cold season. The objective of this talk is to further clarify how a diagnosis of PRP can be performed, and to review the different pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments currently used in the management of RP, from their mechanism of action to the available evidence regarding their efficacy. We will also address the issue of drug-induced RP.

Disclosure of Interest J.-L. Cracowski Grant/research support from: Pfizer; Bioprojet

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