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SP0073 Empowering Young People with Rmd To Find Their Voice and Claim Their Space
  1. I.A. Murphy
  1. Galway Branch of Arthritis Ireland, Galway, Ireland


The presentation will focus on empowering young people in relation to their condition and through participation in local, national and international structures. The importance of empowering young people to self manage their condition and navigate transitions in their lives will be explored in the context of their holistic development. The second element of the presentation will focus on participation of young people in RMD related organisations. The key model of participation will be that of Professor Laura Lundy: SPACE, VOICE, AUDIENCE and INFLUENCE and how this can be facilitated in existing organisations. Practice examples will be included. The presenter contends that the engagement of young people in RMD structures will lead to better individual outcomes and enrich existing organisations.

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