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SP0071 The Role of Young Pare in Getting Organised: The Virtual Knowledge Centre
  1. P. Balazova1,2
  1. 1Young PARE, EULAR, Zurich, Switzerland
  2. 2Slovak League Against Rheumatism, Piestany, Slovakia


Background The EULAR Young PARE working group launched the Virtual Knowledge Centre (VKC) in March 2016. The VKC is an online toolbox exclusively for the Young PARE network of liaison persons. Liaison persons are representatives of European national organisations, with particular interests in supporting young people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs). The VKC can be found on

Objectives The objectives of the VKC were to: (1) establish a database with information about national youth organisations; (2) create the European network of RMD youth groups to exchange best practices; (3) provide support to national youth organisations; and (4) ensure that national youth organisations, via liaison persons stay in contact with each other to share knowledge and experiences.

Methods The VKC interface offers the possibility to see the members of EULAR Young PARE, upload and download best practices and interact with other members via a moderated forum. The VKC is secure, and requires users to login, once approved by a moderator. When logged in members are able to send private messages to each other.

Results The VKC has been designed to help patient organisations to collaborate and share knowledge about their work. It provides support to the network through interaction and gives the opportunity to communicate with each other in a secure and safe environment.

Conclusions EULAR Young PARE is continuing to improve the VKC through gathering best practices and feedback from its members. EULAR Young PARE will also work on more effective management strategies of the forum, to ensure the VKC becomes a lively environment.

Acknowledgement Simon Stones, Linda Van Nieuwkoop, Jeanette Andersen, Theodora Papastavrou, Nele Caeyers, Florian Klett

  1. EULAR Young PARE (2016). Virtual Knowledge Centre. Available from: [Accessed 15 March 2016].

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