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PARE0007 A Succesfull Caps Recycling Progect “Not Satiate Caps”
  1. A. Phoka Charalambous
  1. Cyprus League Against Rheumatism, Nicosia, Cyprus


Background The organization in the effort to implement the goal of social integration of people with RMDs and improve their self-service in order to feel independent and to have self-esteem, presented a need for providing free self-help tools to the members of the association. The need was created because of the economic crisis that exists in the country with all its consequences and, therefore, the high cost of living and reduced resources of people with Rheumatism.

Objectives The main objective is to gain funds for the provision of self-help tools for everyday life and assessment and configuration of house and workplace, of people with Rheumatism. At the same time, the organization aims in The Raise Awareness of Rheumatism and The Raise of Volunteerism.

Methods Use of recycling of caps in order to gain funds. As a result of the public interest, the organization decided to expand the campaign in the Junior and Kindergarten Schools because, children of this age are the best means to transfer the messages we want to convey to society. A collaboration with a Big Insurance Company started for this project, who sponsored the amount of 90000€. The Ministry of Education and Culture became an important supporter and the Media were involved too. Eventually, the recycling company agreed to enlarge their collecting program.

Through this program, we invite children to collect plastic caps from water containers, milk, and any other plastic caps, and place them in yellow plastic bins bought specifically for this purpose by the sponsor and placed in schools.

Results More than 210 schools have declared their participation from the 2 bigger cities in the country. Leaflets have been prepared to share to all students in the schools for informing them and their families about the project, RMD's and organization.

A presentation has been also prepared to be shown to students by volunteers in the schools.

TV and radio advertisements have been prepared with the slogan "Not satiate caps".

A special website has been developed which a simple and understandable educational tool for children on recycling issues and rheumatic diseases as well as for the actions of the program.

A Press Conference has been made for the Campaign by the Organization together with the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the big Sponsor. A competition was launched between the schools participating in the program, with the first three schools from each district being awarded at a special ceremony to be held in May 2016, the total amount of 10,000€.

Conclusions This campaign has successfully managed to: fund raise a big amount for help-self tools to be able to give them free to organization's members to Raise Awareness primarily for the RMD's and the Organization, and last but not least the Protection of the Environment and recycling and to Raise Volunteerism by building the next generation of volunteers.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

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