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AB0845 A Rare Cause of Anterior Knee Pain and Limitation of Knee Extension: Symptomatic Infrapatellar Plica
  1. B. Karslıoğlu1,
  2. Y. Erdem2,
  3. T. Dandinoglu3
  1. 1Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Kasımpaşa Military Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  2. 2Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Girne Military Hospital, Girne, Cyprus
  3. 3Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Bursa Military Hospital, Bursa, Turkey


Background The synovial plica of the knee is recognized as a structure that represents remnants of synovial membranes in embryonic development of knee. Infrapatellar plica (IP) known as the ligamentum mucosum, arises from the anterior part of intercondylar notch of femur, widens as it descends anteriorly, and runs parallel to and above the anterior cruciate ligament and attaches to the infrapatellar fat.

Objectives In this report, two cases of symptomatic infrapatellar plica which caused anterior knee pain and knee extension limitation were presented. The first case was 23 years old construction worker who admitted with complains of the left anterior knee pain and limitation of knee motion. The second case was a 21 years old amateur footballer with the complaints of knee movement limitation and anterior knee pain while crouching.

Methods Although we detected infrapatellar plica on MR images of the first patient (Fig. 1a and 1b), the second patient showed no evidence of infrapatellar plica on MR sequences. Arthroscopic surgery planned for the patients and plica excision applied.

Results Physical therapy started just right after surgery and there were no pain or knee motion limitation at routine inspection of patients at 1,5–3-6–12 months.

Conclusions These cases demonstrate a potential role for the infrapatellar plica as a cause of anterior knee pain and movement limitation.We emphasize that with the patients who suffer from anterior knee pain and knee motion limitation, one should need to keep in mind the symptomatic infrapatellar plica.

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