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AB0832 Increased Serum Uric Acid (SUA) Levels Are A Common Finding in Patients with High Blood Pressure, Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Cardiovascular (CV) Disease
  1. I. Tasic1,
  2. S. Kostic1,
  3. V. Skakic2,
  4. A. Đorđević3,
  5. D. Djordjevic1,
  6. J. Radicovic4,
  7. M. Nikolic1,
  8. S. Andonov1,
  9. M. Karadzic2,
  10. I. Krstic1
  1. 1Cardiology
  2. 2Rheumatology, Institute Niska Banja
  3. 3Cardiology, Institute for Therapy and Rehabilitation
  4. 4Faculty of Medicine, Nis, Serbia


Objectives To evaluate the connection between SUA and severity of coronary heart disease (CHD) assessed by angiography in patients with CHD.

Methods 198 patients (75.8% men) undergoing cardiovascular rehabilitation at the Institute “Niska Banja” from October 1, 2014, to January 31, 2015, were evaluated. Mean (SD) patient age (62.1±10.4), prevalence of patients with 3-vessel coronary artery disease with stenosis >70% (31.3%), coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) (37.4%), percutaneus coronary intervention (PCI) (38.9%), primary PCI (32.8%), mean ejection fraction (50% ±11). Prevalence of hyperuricemia (>386 μmol/l) 33.3%, hypertension 85.9%, hypelipoproteinemia 81.8%, diabetes mellitus 24%, family history of CHD (47%) and mean number risk factors 2.65. Patients were separated into a normal SUA group (n=132, with SUA <386 μmol/L) and a high SUA group (n=66, with SUA ≥386 μmol/L).

Results Patients with high SUA had significantly higher 3-vessel coronary artery disease with stenosis >70% (40.9% vs. 26.5%; P=0.04), low ejection fraction (EF<34%)(19.7% vs. 8.3%; p=0.021), obesity (27% vs. 14.4; P=0.03), significantly higher triglycerides (2.38±1.7 vs. 1.88±1.44; P=0.028) and serum creatinine (111.5±46 vs. 90±21; p<0.001).

Conclusions SUA levels were independently associated with EF in patients with CHD. Hyperuricemia is associated with severity of CAD- 3-vessel coronary artery disease with stenosis >70%.

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