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AB0468 Caracteristics of Renal Involvement in Patients with Primary Sjögren's Syndrome
  1. L. Belhaj,
  2. A. Hariz,
  3. I. Boukhris,
  4. S. Azzabi,
  5. E. Cherif,
  6. I. Kechaou,
  7. L. Ben Hassine,
  8. N. Khalfallah
  1. Internal medecine B, Charles Nicolle hospital, Tunis, Tunisia


Background Renal involvement is one of the most common manifestations of primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS) and has no specific symptoms.

Objectives - Identify the clinical and biological characteristics of patients with renal involvement in pSS.

- Identify the immunological profile of these patients.

- Specify the adequate treatment.

Methods Fourty five patients with pSS admitted inCharles Nicolleuniversity Hospital from 2005 to 2015 were enrolled. All the patients met the validated European-American co-criteria of 2002 for pSS. No patients with secondary SS were included.

Results Fourty five patients were enrolled in our study. Nine of them had renal involvement: eight women and 1 man. The mean age was 44,5 years. Time from onset to diagnosis was about 2,33 years. Concerning the kidney damage, 4 of the patients developed renal tubular acidosis (RTA), 3 of them developed others tubulo-interstitial disorders and 2 were diagnosed with glomerular disorder withhigh proteinuria. One of the nine patients had diabetis insipidus. Laboratory examinations showed 3 cases of hyperchloremia and 6 cases of hypokaliemia. One patient had hypokaliemic paralysis. Six patients had creatinincleranceunder 50 ml/mn.

All patients received symptomatic treatment. Seven patients were treated with corticosteroids and 3 patients received hydroxylchloroquine.

Conclusions Patients with pSS commonly present with renal impairment.Tubular disorders are the main renal involvementespecially RTA. Glomerular lesions might be predominant. Morbidity of chronic renal failure might account for a certain proportion of pSS. Corticosteroids therapy might improve the prognosis.

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