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AB0281 Characteristics of the Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Five-Year Follow-Up of 300 Tunisian Patients
  1. K. Baccouche,
  2. L. Mani,
  3. S. Belghali,
  4. Z. Alaya,
  5. N. Elamri,
  6. N. Amara,
  7. H. Zeglaoui,
  8. E. Bouajina
  1. Departement of rheumatology, Farhat Hached Hospital, sousse, Tunisia


Objectives The objective of this study is to analyze epidemiologic, clinical, biological, radiological characteristics in the RA.

Methods A total of 300 patients were included with the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis meeting ACR 1987 criteria, in a retrospective study, between 2007 and 2012.

Results The average age was 53 years [17- 94]. The predominance was for woman with a sex ratio 8/10. The mean number of years from the onset of RA symptoms until diagnosis was 5 years. The average disease duration was 9 years. The mean value of the DAS 28 was 6.04 [1.2 to 8.5], 96% of patients had an active RA (DAS 28 >3.2). Extra-articular manifestations were reported in 54.25% of patients: secondary Sjögrens syndrome in 22.3%, osteoporosis in 32.6%, rheumatoid nodule in 4.6%, pulmonary fibrosis in 8.4%, cardiac manifestations in 2.3%, medullar compression in 1.3% and carpal tunnel syndrome in 0.6% of cases.

Rheumatoid factor was reported in 68.8% of cases and the mean value of IGA, IGG, IGM was respectively 219, 190 and 246 UI/ml. Anti-citrullinated peptide Antibodies and anti nuclear antibody was reported in 69.6% and 15% of the cases, there mean value were respectively 114 RU/ml and 1/464. Radiological destruction was observed in 91.6% of cases. The mean value of Sharp score was 43.27 [0-180]. There was a positive correlation between DAS 28 and RF (p=0.028) but no significant relation was observed with ACPA and ANA.

Conclusions Rheumatoid arthritis in our study is characterized by its severity, higher disease activity and a later diagnosis; this is why we need a better management of RA, to alter the course of this progressive disease.

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