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SP0025 My Role as A Collaborative Partner in Scientific Initiatives
  1. L. Andersen
  1. Gigtforeningen, Nyborg, Denmark


Description of my experiences as a PRP and how these experiences have an influence on my role in scientific initiatives. What I expected my role to be and how it turned out to be.

The worries I may have for not being able to live up to what I imagine the doctors expect to be my role in a EULAR project. I thought i was supposed to, not only being an expert in daily life with RA but also in all the technical and proffesional terms in the project I was in.

Patint have different roles due to different lives-such as life experiences, education and course of disease. The role you have as a petint is always depending on what is in your “luggage”. Key message: Always remember the patient perspective.

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