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SP0020 Rheumatology Specialty Training in Europe – The Perspective of UEMS Section of Rheumatology and European Board of Rheumatology
  1. N. Cikes
  2. on behalf of UEMS Rheumatology Section
  1. Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia


Training Requirements for the Specialty Rheumatology - European Standards of Postgraduate Specialty Training was endorsed by UEMS in 2014. The document describes the training requirements for trainee (content of training with learning outcomes and organisation of training), training requirements for trainer (process of recognition of trainer and quality management for trainers), training requirements for institutions (process of recognition of training centre and quality management within training institution); the proposed record of clinical work and list of conditions are included.

Based on the training requirements, assessments of knowledge, skills and professional behaviour is needed. Progressively, the common approach to determining whether an individual is suitable to be recognised as a European Rheumatologist is expected.

In order to develop the assessment strategy it was agreed that a discussion of how best to ensure that a trainee meets the outcomes of the Training Requirements will be organised.

The questionnaire is being developed seeking for the information on the record of clinical work and clinical skills, that exists in many European countries. Within the set of questions it is asked how is the trainee's knowledge examined, how a trainee's involvement with the care of patients is determined, how is the competency in a range of clinical procedures assessed, which topics related to professional behaviours are in use and how they are assessed, which evidence of a doctor's good standing are provided. The answers from the countries' representatives and a follow-up questionnaire would allow the Section and Board to develop an agreed way in which European trainees might be assessed.

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