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SP0128 Common Epigenetic Biomarkers in Chronic Inflammation and Cancer
  1. C. Ospelt
  1. Center of Experimental Rheumatology, University Hospital of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland


A variety of changes in epigenetic marks and in the expression of non-coding RNA has been found in cancer as well as in chronic inflammatory diseases. Interestingly, in both diseases similar mechanisms and pathways are affected albeit often to a different extent. In particular changes in the expression of microRNA, but also demethylated gene loci have been proposed as potential biomarkers in cancer as well as in chronic inflammatory diseases. Since the cancer field is much more advanced in the usage of biomarkers for disease subclassifications and subsequent therapeutic decisions, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the biomarkers, methods and procedures used in oncology and to see which of these could also be applied in predicting disease severity and therapeutic response in rheumatic diseases.

This talk will highlight common epigenetic pathways activated in cancer and chronic inflammation and summarize which epigenetic changes have the potential to become biomarkers in rheumatic diseases.

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