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SP0120 Cyprus National Committee for Rheumatologist Diseases: Rheumatology Training for General Practice Doctors GPS
  1. S. Kioupi
  1. Ministry of Health, Nicosia, Cyprus


Cyprus is under an Economic adjustment program. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Cyprus and Troika includes a number of reform measures, including structural and cost containing measures. The main reforms relate to the implementation of the NHS, as well as reforms relating to public hospitals and other health facilities. According to existing timeframes, the new National Health System (NHS) is expected to be fully in place by mid-2016, whereas various policy and implementation issues continue to be under careful study and investigation by the Ministry of Health.

The needs of general practice doctors on rheumatologic education must be considered from within the context of their working environment. The population has free choice to visit either any specialist or a general practitioner. But still the GPs are usually the first port of call for most patients with symptoms of illness.

Whereas the patients have free access to a general practitioner may present with illnesses which cross the boundaries of specialties such as rheumatology or orthopedic or with symptoms of problems that are best located within other health professionals (psychologist, physiotherapist etc). Consequently, there is a different set of priorities for investigation and management within general practice, which includes the early detection of the problem and the early reference to the suitable specialist.

The Cyprus National Committee for Rheumatologist Diseases, having in mind the new conditions regarding the reform measures of the health system in Cyprus and the role of GPs in the environment of NHS took the initiative to prepare the general practitioner doctors in order to recognize the symptoms, to determine the diagnosis and to intervene in time for the best management and treatment of their patients. The Training courses include case studies, lectures and workshops. The main scope is GPs doctors come into contact and become familiar with the disease and promptly recognise the symptoms.

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