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SP0118 People Movers: How You Can Influence and Effectively Implement Change
  1. C. Brand
  1. Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


The worldwide challenge of preventing and managing chronic conditions, including musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis in the 21st Century is increasingly recognized. As a community and as individuals we must face and respond to an increasing incidence and prevalence of chronic conditions as well as a rise in predisposing or aggravating lifestyle risk factors, notably physical inactivity and overweight/obese body status. The inadequacy of traditional medical models of care for management of chronic conditions has seen a shift towards new interdisciplinary, shared care models but we are struggling to effectively implement and appropriately evaluate these programs to demonstrate cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Implementing complex health service interventions, such as new models of care, requires all stakeholders, including amongst others; health managers, clinicians and consumers and their families to make changes to the way they perform their usual daily activities. We know a little about the various barriers to change at different levels of the health system and for different stakeholders, but how much do we understand about enabling factors especially motivation and how to influence these factors?

In this presentation I will focus on issues associated with “change”; the theories that underpin our understanding about change and the strategies that have demonstrable effectiveness in promoting and sustaining change behaviours. I will also discuss the opportunities we have to learn from innovative application of online technologies using fun theory and gamification, in order to better support change and thus improve chronic condition health outcomes.

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