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AB0836 The Evaluation of Cardiovascular Risk in Hand Osteoarthritis Included Erosive Hand Osteoarthritis
  1. A.M. Bumbea1,
  2. R. Traistaru1,
  3. A.E. Musetescu2,
  4. A. Bighea1,
  5. R. Popescu1,
  6. A. Stefanescu2
  1. 1Rehabilitation
  2. 2Rheumatology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Craiova, Romania


Background The aim of our study is to put in evidence the correlation between clinical manifestation in hand osteoarthritis and the level of damage determinated by this disease and the cardiovascular risk. It is known that the heart and hand have a commune embryologic origin of vascularisation which could be the connection of hand osteoarthritis and coronary disease.

Objectives Our purpose is to establish a statistical correlation between the gravity of hand osteoarthritis and the cardiovascular risk.

Methods We included in this study a cohort of 120 patients with osteoarthritis, 27 with erosive osteoarthritis, as a study group, compared with a similar group, as a control group, without clinical manifest osteoarthritis. All patients were evaluated clinical and perform hands sonography for osteoarthritis. We assess the number of painful joint by visual analogue scale and the mobility by articular testing using goniometry. We also perform sonography in the same joint, and evaluate the joint space, the presence of spur and or erosions. We evaluated sonographic the patients once per year, and clinical twice per year. The cardiovascular assess consist in measuring the blood pressure, electrocardiography performed at six months, and monitories the history of cardiovascular events or stroke. All patients admitted in this study were age over 50, and we excluded from study metabolic comorbidities, as diabetes mellitus, dislipidemia, hyperuricemia. The study was retrospective and lasted for four years.

Results In the study group we assist to more cardiovascular events, more specific in subgroup with erosive osteoarthritis where 3 patients develop an ischemic stroke, and 8 patients develop an ischemic coronary disease, only one with acute ischemic heart disease. The other part of patients of study group had a progression of ischemic myocardial disease in percent of 31,3 more than control group, and 21 patients develop a stroke, 8 of them were transitory ischemic stroke.

Conclusions The presence of severe osteoarthritis could be a risk factor to develop coronary disease or stroke, probably there is more factors not establish until now.


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  2. Sid Kirchheimer, Finger Arthritis Predicts Heart Disease, Or Does New Study Touch on “Merger” of Both Conditions? WebMD Health News,

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