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AB0773 Attitude of Doctor and Patient to Ankylosing Spondylitis: Questions of Understanding
  1. L. Myasoutova,
  2. S. Lapshina
  1. Kazan State Medical University, Kazan, Russian Federation


Background Effective control of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) activity involves prolonged drug therapy primarily NSAIDs and active participation of the patient in treatment, performing of recommendations on non-pharmacological treatment. Is it always effective physician-patient interaction in relation to treatment.

Objectives To identify the most significant problems for AS patient about the disease in order to create a system of effective interaction: physician – AS patient.

Methods 30 patients with confirmed AS diagnosis, the average disease duration 5, 7±3,2 years, mean age 34,4±12. 8 years, responded to 10 survey questions regarding their understanding of the disease and treatment issues and the impact on daily life with the need to evaluate the importance of each question on a scale from 1 to 10. Doctors rheumatologists (n=10) and physicians (n=20) answered the same questions from the position what they think is important for patients. Responses were ranked and compared.

Results Considering the young age of patients, priority for patients and doctors was the outlook for the future (1). Important for doctors and patients were issues related restrictions on daily life (patients - 4 place, doctors - 2nd place) and earning capacity (patients - 3 place, doctors - 5th place). At the same time, doctors underestimate (10th place) the complexity of the patient (2nd place) associated with the need to exercise constantly. Physicians overestimated the importance of persistent pain for patients (4th place) and side effects of drugs (2nd place), patients put on the importance of these issues at 7 and 5th place respectively.

Conclusions In communicating with the patient doctor needs to pay more attention to the importance of non-pharmacological treatment, in particular right physical exercises. Understanding the patients view to their condition will improve the efficiency of AS control.

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