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AB0696 Hypereosinophilia and Disease Flare in Eosinophilic Fasciitis
  1. F. Berianu,
  2. W. Ginsburg
  1. Rheumatology, Mayo Clinic, Ponte Vedra Beach, United States


Background Hypereosinophilia was found at the disease onset in up to 85% of patient with eosinophilic fasciitis.

Objectives To describe our experience in patients with eosinophilic fasciitis (EF) and hypereosinophilia. To identify if hypereosinophilia is found with EF flare.

Methods We retrospectively reviewed the charts of the patients with biopsy proven EF seen in our clinic. We identified patients with hypereosinophilia at the onset of disease and follow the eosinophils counts over 3 years (January 2012 to December 2014).

Results 10 patients with biopsy proven EF and hypereosinophilia at the onset were found. Hypereosinophilia value ranged between: 980-4800 cells/mcl (Normal less 350 cells/mcl). The eosinophil count responded quickly to prednisone which was initiated in all 10 patients. Over 3 years of follow up 5 patients had 7 flares. Hypereosinophilia was identified in 3 patients with 4 flares. None of the patients were on Prednisone at the time of flares.

Conclusions Hypereosinophilia can be associated with disease flare in some of EF patients found with high eosinophils count at the disease onset.


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