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Ramiro S, Stolwijk C, van Tubergen A, et al. Evolution of radiographic damage in ankylosing spondylitis: a 12 year prospective follow-up of the OASIS study. Ann Rheum Dis 2015;74:52–9. In the last column of table 2 the figures are correct, but they have inadvertently been changed between rows. Consequently, the last sentence of the second section of the results (entitled ‘Progression in mSASSS') should be adjusted to: ‘When taking only the first 2 year interval into consideration, 46% of patients did not show any mSASSS progression, 25% showed progression ≥2 units and 12% showed progression ≥5 units.’ The corrected table 2 is given below.

Table 2

Progression of radiographic damage over time

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