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SP0199 Overcoming the outside and Inner Barriers – A Personal Experience of Travelling with an Rmd
  1. L. Kyriakides
  1. Cyprus League Against Rheumatism, Nicosia, Cyprus


I am Litsa Kyriakides and I come from Cyprus. Although since I was a kid I suffer from severe RMD I am very fond of travelling. I am motivated by the challenge, the adventure, the knowledge I acquire, the people I meet, making new friends, the experience of different cultures, but most of all the change of environment from the everyday routine. So far I visited many countries in all continents and had very interesting experiences. From these experiences I was taught many tips and ways to overcome most outside and inner barriers so that I can have enjoyable holidays.

Good organization and planning makes travelling with RMD easier. I always

  • Start planning my holidays early.

  • I make realistic plans and I consider all factors, internal and external, that may determine any decision for travelling.

  • I do my own research based on my own needs and decide which is best for me i.e. whether to use a travel agent or organize everything on my own.

  • I collect and save all useful information in a folder or my lap-top.

  • I try to avoid fatigue and stress, stay healthy and safe, before and during my trip.

  • Over the time, I adapt my holiday plans to my health condition and age.

  • The importance of having support.

  • However, setbacks may occur before or during my travel.

I feel I always gain and benefit from my trips. Travelling with RMD is all about challenge, achievement and accomplishment.

Always make dreams, set goals and make plans. Live the day. There may never be a better opportunity than today so accomplish what you can, NOW.

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DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.6149

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