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SP0097 Completing Patient Reported Outcomes: Does IT Improve My Care?
  1. M. Ernst
  1. Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria


As I am not only a patient myself but also a health professional working in a rheumatological outpatient department, I have the unique chance of being able to provide various points of view and insights regarding this question. First I am going to present the daily routine of the outpatient department at the General Hospital in Vienna. I will describe which patient reported outcome measures are used and how data is processed there. To gain comprehensive data regarding the question above, I interviewed various patients of our department. They were of different age, disease activity and gender. On the basis of these conversations, I was able to gain a broad and detailed spectrum of sentiments and could compare my point of view to those of people not working in health care. I am going to filter out some highlights and elaborate on the following three main questions that emerged:

  • – What do you think why are you asked to fill in the different questionnaires?

  • – Have you any idea what happens with the completed forms?

  • – Do you think it has an impact on your treatment and care?

At the end of my talk, I will gladly take questions or partake in an exchange of views and experiences.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.6197

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