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PARE0014 Patients as Stepping Stone for Improved Health Care
  1. C.R. Ziegler
  1. The Danish Rheumatism Association, Gentofte, Denmark


Background A patientinstructor is a person with rheumatoid arthritis who teaches health care professionals. They use their own joints as examples and teach considerate joint-examination and respectful contact with patients. Results with Danish rheumatoid arthritis patients have in Denmark been stepping stone for patient-controlled teaching for five other chronic diseases – beyond the field of MSD's.

Objectives The objective was that patientconrolled teaching can add value to the usual training of health care professionals and that the results from the project with rheumatoid arthritis patients could be transferred to other chronic diseases.

Methods More than 10.000 Danish students in health care educations have during more than 15 years been trained in joint-examination by people with rheumatoid arthritis. The training has been conducted by a small group of volunteers organized through the Danish Rheumatism Association. Through qualitative research conducted by Centre of Clinical Education, the Capital Region of Denmark, has it been shown what exactly the added value of patientcontrolled training is.

Results The results of the research together with the volunteers longstanding and tireless commitment made it possible to transfer the project to other diseases. Now the good results have led to a grant from the Capital Region of Denmark to develop similar projects for 5 other chronic diseases, being: diabetis, heart conditions, lowbackpain, COPD and dementia.

Conclusions We consider it a great success that a rheumatoid arthritis project is able to qualify the education of health care professionals on five other important areas for the benefit of even more patients in Denmark.

During the presentation it will be shown how this has been possible and there will be given examples on how to maintain volunteers in a project with such great impact.

Acknowledgements Centre of Clinical Education, The Capital Region of Denmark.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.2314

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