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PARE0004 The Leap in Technical Developement in Estonian RHEUMATISM Association
  1. S. Viljaste
  1. Estonian Rheumatism Association, Tallinn, Estonia


Background In today's hasty but well-functioning society it is clear that non-profit organizations such as Estonian Rheumatism Association should always make efforts towards sustainability and to preserve it's status as a modern organization. Therefore it is necessary to keep our board members, management team, voulenteers and member unions informed about the latest changes in technology we are using today. It is not just about updating the hardware but also to improve operational capabilities through telecommunication, self-realization and digital literacy. For that matter, Estonian Rheumatism Association has started a project on year 2014 such as “The leap in technical developement in non-profit organization” which is funded by Enterprise Estonia. The intention of this project is to improve better understanding of the general public about the relations between umbrella organization and sub-organizations. Right now one of the main reasons that are slowing down our capability for actions are mainly the lack of technical preparation and the lack of digital literacy or insufficient knowledge about menegement among the Heads of our member organizations and unstable funding from the government.

Objectives The main goal of the project is to promote co-operation between umbrella organization and their members, also to provide quality information for patients with rheumatic diseases, their families, supporters and health care professionals.

In the process of project research it is important to clarify current situation - our strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities and members expectations about the future. The results drawn from the research are being used as an input for strategic plan and developing the membership program for umbrella organization. All the activities are planned to strengthen inside and outside communication, co-operation and team work, also to be more active in civil society on local and national level.

Methods The leap in developement related to digital literacy is achieved by reducing the gaps between management team and Heads of the member organizations. We are also determining what technical assets and technologies are needed to fulfill our objectives. Last but not least, we are trying to find solutions for improving the mangement skills in order to use them for our member organizations.

Results We are overcoming from the current poor tecnical contitions and as for a umbrella organization we will have a better overview about the technical readiness in our member oranizations in order to implement the changes.

Conclusions In conclusion, we hope that the project will increase the awareness in using information as a tool and raise competency in using the basic communication instruments amoung our board members, management team and Heads of member ogranizations.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.5244

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