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AB0997 Effect of Patient Information Oriented Ultrasonography-Guided Local Injection Procedure on Anxiety Level and Shoulder Pain: A Randomized-Controlled Study
  1. M. Karkucak1,
  2. N. Cilesizoglu1,
  3. E. Capkın1,
  4. I. Can1,
  5. I. Batmaz2,
  6. S. Kerimoglu3,
  7. M.A. Önder3
  1. 1Karadeniz Technical University, Medical School, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Trabzon
  2. 2Karadeniz Technical University, Medical School, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Diyarbakır
  3. 3Karadeniz Technical University, Medical School, Department Orthopedics and Traumatology, Trabzon, Turkey


Objectives The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of patient information oriented ultrasonography (USG)-guided local injection procedure on anxiety level and shoulder pain

Methods A total of 141 patients, who were scheduled for local injection due to shoulder pain, was included in this study. The patients were randomly assigned into 2 groups. Patients in group 1 (n=63) were informed about USG procedure and the medical problem, and were asked to follow the injection procedure from the screen. The patients in group 2 (n=78) were neither informed about the USG nor asked to screen the local injection procedure. Evaluations were performed before and after injections. Evaluation parameters involved VAS, STAI form (1 and 2) and level of satisfaction

Results When all patients were considered, prior and post injection values for all parameters were significantly different. When group 1 and group 2 patients were compared with respect to VAS, STAI 1 and 2 only significant difference was determined between post injection STAI 2 form in group 1 (p=0.009). When between group comparisons were performed, there were significant difference between pre and post injection values (Group 1; p=0.000 for VAS, p=0.001 for STAI form 1, p=0.003 for STAI form 2 and Group 2; p=0.000 for VAS, p=0.001 for STAI form 1, p=0.016 for STAI form 2). There was no significant difference between the groups with regard to the post injection satisfaction levels (p=0.824).

Conclusions USG-guided shoulder injections provides positive contributions with respect to pain and anxiety. Particularly the USG-guided injection and patients' information has positive consequences on patients long-standing “trait-anxiety” level.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.2447

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