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AB0849 Oxidative Stress, Anti-Oxidant Activity in Patients with Gout
  1. T.N. Khalfina,
  2. A.N. Maksudova
  1. Hospital Therapy, Kazan State Medical University Of Federal Agency Of Healthcare And Social Development, Kazan, Russian Federation


Background Gout is an inflammatory arthritis with crystallization of uric acid in joints and tissues. Oxidative stress is prevalent in many diseases and is considered to be an important pathogenic mechanism.

Objectives exploration of oxidative stress at patients with gout and with/without tophi

Methods We had compared products of oxidative stress in 33 healthy persons and 2 group of patients with primary gout: 49 patients without tophi and 25- with tophus gout. Levels of plasma and serum lipid peroxidation (LPO), malondialdehyde (MDA) were used as markers of oxidative stress. Superoxide dismutases (SOD), serum total antioxidant status (TAS) were used as markers of antioxidant activity.

Results patients with gout had significant elevated LPO on the relation to control group, p<0,05, another products in patients didn't differ from control group. Our test has showed significant difference of LPO, between control group and patients with tophus gout 7,3 [5,7; 9,1] vs 8,8 [7,7; 11,4] per-unit/1 ml, p<0,05, respectively. The MDA, SOD and TAS level in this group of patients didn't differ from group of control. In comparison patients from fist group (without tophi) not only had higher level of LPO 10,3 [7,9; 16,6] vs 7,3 [5,7; 9,1] per-unit/1 ml, p<0,05, but more higher level of SOD 0,9 [0,7;1,2] vs 0,65 [0,35; 0,82], mkmol/l, p<0,01 and more lower level of TAS 70,6 [53,6; 77,1] vs 80,7 [69,7; 83,3] %, p<0,01.

Distinctions between groups of patients were not revealed.

Conclusions In patients with gout, there is increase of oxidative stress and decrease antioxidant activity especially in patients without tophi. These changes can testify about active inflammation at earlier stages of gout.

Disclosure of Interest None declared

DOI 10.1136/annrheumdis-2014-eular.5933

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