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A5.10 Therapeutic education of patients treated for osteoarthritis: Medical advice and assessment of patients knowledge level
  1. K Nassar,
  2. S Janani,
  3. W Rachidi,
  4. O Mkinsi
  1. Department of Rheumatology, University Hospital, Casablanca


Introduction Osteoarthritis is the most common and debilitating degenerative arthropathy. Prevention and patient education are part of the international recommendations. A survey was realised between January and July 2012 with 43 medical specialists at the Hospital University of Casablanca, about their point of views on the role of therapeutic education for patients with osteoarthritis of the lower limb. Doctors justified the importance of patient education.

Study purpose Evaluate of the degree knowledge patients about osteoarthritis in order to establish a learning process and improve their care.

Materials and methods Survey conducted between December 2012 and March 2013 with 53 patients followed in rheumatology consultation for osteoarthritis. It includes four items. Each item contains an open or a simple choice questionnaires including questions about osteoarthritis, diagnosis, evolution, and finally treatment.

Results Among 53 patients included in the study, 83% were female. The mean age was 65 years old. 45.71% are treated for osteoarthritis. The origin of osteoarthritis is overweight for 45.7% of patients. The sport can be implicated in osteoarthritis for 74.3%. Duty diet is true for 74.3% of the cases. 42.8% of the cases have no idea about the link between osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, and 34.3% of the link with menopause. For 85.7% of patients, the osteoarthritis progression is worsening whatever treatment. The origin of osteoarthritis pain is the effort for 34.28%. The pain is associated with osteoarthritis for 88.6% of cases. It is a source of aggravation for 85.7%. Osteoarthritis requires a blood test for 54.28%, and necessity X-rays for 85.7%. Osteoarthritis is objectively better by Computer Tomography or Magnetic Resonnance Imaging to 74.28%. 71.4% of patients believe that it is now possible to cure osteoarthritis. 40% said that is necessary to reduce the weight. 62.8% think that they shouldn’t do any activity. 45.7% of patients didn’t have an idea about the sport choice. 62.8% of patients are using symptomatic treatment for pain. To treat joint, 40% use anti-arthritic, 10 cases local treatment, and the other cases didn’t know. 42.85% of patients have no idea about the indication of a prosthesis. 62.85% find no interest to use a cane. All patients received medical education.

Discussion and Conclusion Our results are consistent with expert opinion. Many data were ignored by patients. While some patients were able to correctly answer questions, others do not know. The osteoarthritis therapeutic patients should be an integral part of our practice, joint savings, and well being of the patient's autonomy.

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