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SP0019 The German Action Plan for Young People with RMDs
  1. B. Teutriene1
  1. 1National member of the Committee of young people with arthritis, Deutsche Rheuma-Liga e.V., Bonn, Germany


Background Nowadays there exist numerous self-help groups and organizations. All kinds of groups, clinics, institutions etc publicize their offerings and articulate their interests and demands.

Objectives Organizations for people with rheumatic diseases have to develop strategies and appropriate measures for their campaigning. In order to lobby successfully, it is important to reach out to decision-makers and media on all levels.

Methods The German Action Plan for young people with arthritis outlines problems of young people living with RMDs and lists deficits of care with concrete suggestions how they could be improved. Young people with arthritis as well as experts from the Deutsche Rheuma-Liga and pediatric rheumatologists have been involved in the development of the action plan from the beginning.

Results The German Action Plan is a good basis for the next few years. The release was part of a parliamentary evening in Berlin, where it was handed over to the German Federal Commissioner for the Disabled, Hubert Hüppe, and other members of parliament. Further, it was sent to all the organizations mentioned and presented by our President, Prof. Gromnica-Ihle, on the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs” (KmK). Talks about ways to improve the situation for children and young people with arthritis have been held on the basis of the action plan with some of the big health insurance companies and the National Association of Physicians in Statutory Health Insurance. By this the German Action Plan is very well respected and recognized.

Conclusions The German Action Plan is a unique way of summarizing the needs and obstacles of young people with arthritis. It provides clearly defined realistic and necessary requirements for the responsible institutions.

References The German Action Plan for young people with RMDs

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