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SP0140 Prognosis and Outcome of Dermatomyositis in Children
  1. A. Reed1
  1. 1United States


Childhood dermatomyositis, the most common inflammatory myopathy of childhood, is an autoimmune vasculopathy that is characterized by classic rashes and proximal muscle weakness. We have begun to make progress to understand the genetic contribution, importance of environmental exposures, local environmental milieu and need for early and effective treatments for both new onset and resistant disease. Even with these great strides we still have a great deal to learn about disease pathogenesis and how to better define disease prognosis and outcomes. In this discussion we will start by reviewing longitudinal cohort data which demonstrates potential disease complications and comorbidities followed by a review of the disease subsets and those clinical and biologic features that help determine disease course, involvement and response to treatment. In this context, we will review autoantibodies specificities related to disease subset, biomarkers of disease and the tissue specific changes that predict out come.

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