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SP0073 A New Paradigm to Managing the Impact of Inflammatory Foot and Ankle Disease
  1. J. Woodburn1
  1. 1Institute for Applied Health Research, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Foot and ankle involvement is common in inflammatory joint disease. Recent evidence has identified persistent foot disease, pain and walking disability in patients in disease remission state. We propose a new paradigm of allied health professions led (podiatry) management strategies which align to the treat-to-target principles. These exploit extended scope practice primarily directed towards diagnostic ultrasound, targeted treatment to residual inflammatory lesions, and mechanical-based therapies including custom foot orthoses for joint protection and functional optimisation. Therefore delegates on attending this lecture will be able to:

- Appreciate the role of inflammatory and mechanical factors in foot and ankle on disease impact (impairments and associated disability),

- Understand more fully extended podiatry assessment and management strategies based on the treat-to-target principle,

- Describe structured patient management targeting residual inflammatory lesions and mechanical deficits in the foot and ankle.

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