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SP0072 The Application of Diagnostic Ultrasound to the Management of Inflammatory Arthritis: A Foot & Ankle Perspective
  1. L. S. Hooper1,2
  1. 1Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton
  2. 2Podiatry, Solent NHS Trust, Southampton, United Kingdom


Understanding of the real world uses of diagnostic ultrasound (US) within rheumatological practice has grown significantly in recent years. Consequently, the use of US is also expanding to include assessment of the foot and ankle. Early studies of disease activity and progression have demonstrated that the foot can respond slower and inadequately to many routine therapeutic approaches and there remains an unmet burden of foot disease within our inflammatory arthritis populations. US offers a potentially readily available, chair-side aid to foot and ankle assessment, influencing clinical decision making practices. This session therefore seeks to highlight the current concepts, challenges and future potential regarding the use of diagnostic ultrasound for the management of foot and ankle pathology in patients with inflammatory arthritis.

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