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OP0267-PARE Creating a Successful Support System for Patient Involvement in Arthritis Research in the UK Both Locally and Nationally
  1. C. A. Rhodes1
  1. 1Research Institute for Primary Care and Health Sciences, Keele University, Newcastle, United Kingdom


Background Keele University ARUK Primary Care Centre has set up a successful recruitment and support system for patient involvement in research. There are now 50 plus patients, involved in over 35 projects investigating all aspects of life with a musculoskeletal condition. The projects use both quantitative and qualitative methods such as cohort studies, randomised control trials and observations and interviews, exploring patients’ experience of living with musculoskeletal conditions and their treatments.

Objectives We will describe examples of involvement in projects including:

A clinical trial to test out a model consultation for OA (Osteoarthritis) delivered by a GP (General Practitioner) and nurse;the piloting of an international OA Trial Bank; and a patient led research project on public priorities for research in joint pain.

By describing these studies we aim to highlight how patients have been involved in the different stages of the research cycle including:

- Identifying and prioritising research

- Designing and managing research projects

- Disseminating findings

We will describe the support systems that underpin involvement, for example, a set of guides produced to assist patients who work with researchers at the Centre and the appointment of dedicated staff in paid support roles.

We will also highlight the importance of our group’s links to the national organisation INVOLVE, that was set up to support greater involvement in public health and social care research

Conclusions Our open model of recruitment attracting “expertise by experience” has succeeded and is underpinned by an effective system including the development of PPI (Patient and Public Involvement) support roles within our Centre:

- A PPI Coordinator who matches the patient expertise of their condition to relevant projects and keeps an overview of the whole process

- A User Support Worker who offers consistent guidance and accompanies patients to project meetings

This has made sure that PPI is embedded appropriately within our portfolio of research projects

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