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Albrecht A, Finzel S, Englbrecht M, et al. The structural basis of MRI bone erosions: an assessment by microCT. Ann Rheum Dis 2013;72:1351–7. Figure 2 of this paper was mistakenly published with identical parts A and B. The correct figure is below. In addition, as there are no separate parts ‘(A)’ and ‘(B)’ in figure 3, the labels ‘(A)’ and ‘(B)’ should not have been present in figure 3 legend. The corrected legend for figure 3 is: ‘Correlation between the added erosion volumes (top: sum of marker erosion of ulnar and radial sides; middle: radial; bottom: ulnar) and the RAMRIS erosion score of the respective joint regions (r=0.514, p<0.001).’

Figure 2

(A) Mean Erosion Volume of the examined joint regions for the µ-CT scans; (B) Mean modified RAMRIS erosion score for the MRI scans.

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