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2013 classification criteria for systemic sclerosis: an American college of rheumatology/European league against rheumatism collaborative initiative
  1. Frank van den Hoogen1,
  2. Dinesh Khanna2,
  3. Jaap Fransen3,
  4. Sindhu R Johnson4,
  5. Murray Baron5,
  6. Alan Tyndall6,
  7. Marco Matucci-Cerinic7,
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  13. Christopher P Denton13,
  14. Oliver Distler14,
  15. Yannick Allanore15,
  16. Daniel E Furst12,
  17. Armando Gabrielli16,
  18. Maureen D Mayes17,
  19. Jacob M van Laar18,
  20. James R Seibold19,
  21. Laszlo Czirjak20,
  22. Virginia D Steen21,
  23. Murat Inanc22,
  24. Otylia Kowal-Bielecka23,
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  26. Gabriele Valentini25,
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  36. Vivien M Hsu34,
  37. Sergio Jimenez35,
  38. Bashar Kahaleh36,
  39. Peter A Merkel37,38,
  40. Stanislav Sierakowski23,
  41. Richard M Silver39,
  42. Robert W Simms38,
  43. John Varga40,
  44. Janet E Pope41
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  1. Correspondence to Dr Frank van den Hoogen, Department of Rheumatology, St. Maartenskliniek, PO Box 9011, Nijmegen 6500 GM, The Netherlands; F.vandenHoogen{at} or Janet E Pope, St. Joseph's Health Care London, 268 Grosvenor Street, London, ON, Canada N6A 4V2; janet.pope{at}


Objective The 1980 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) classification criteria for systemic sclerosis (SSc) lack sensitivity for early SSc and limited cutaneous SSc. The present work, by a joint committee of the ACR and the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), was undertaken for the purpose of developing new classification criteria for SSc.

Methods Using consensus methods, 23 candidate items were arranged in a multicriteria additive point system with a threshold to classify cases as SSc. The classification system was reduced by clustering items and simplifying weights. The system was tested by (1) determining specificity and sensitivity in SSc cases and controls with scleroderma-like disorders, and (2) validating against the combined view of a group of experts on a set of cases with or without SSc.

Results It was determined that skin thickening of the fingers extending proximal to the metacarpophalangeal joints is sufficient for the patient to be classified as having SSc; if that is not present, seven additive items apply, with varying weights for each: skin thickening of the fingers, fingertip lesions, telangiectasia, abnormal nailfold capillaries, interstitial lung disease or pulmonary arterial hypertension, Raynaud's phenomenon, and SSc-related autoantibodies. Sensitivity and specificity in the validation sample were, respectively, 0.91 and 0.92 for the new classification criteria and 0.75 and 0.72 for the 1980 ACR classification criteria. All selected cases were classified in accordance with consensus-based expert opinion. All cases classified as SSc according to the 1980 ACR criteria were classified as SSc with the new criteria, and several additional cases were now considered to be SSc.

Conclusions The ACR/EULAR classification criteria for SSc performed better than the 1980 ACR criteria for SSc and should allow for more patients to be classified correctly as having the disease.

  • Systemic Sclerosis
  • Treatment
  • Disease Activity

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