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OP0122-PARE Pauseboogie - campaign to raise awareness of the DANISH rheumatism association
  1. L. Willumsen,
  2. H. Jeppesen
  1. Marketing & communications, Danish Rheumatism Association, Gentofte, Denmark


Background The Danish Rheumatism Association wants to fight the myths, that rheumatic diseases only concerns the elderly and that there is nothing to do about it anyway. We wanted to reach out to a very broad audience to raise awareness and generate “liking” of The Danish Rheumatism Association primarily in the younger part of the population, and at the same time address the fact that you can prevent musculoskeletal diseases to some point.

Objectives Besides creating awareness of The Danish Rheumatism Association and reaching a new and younger target group the aim was to be relevant to a wider group of people by giving them a fun and easy way to get more movement into their daily lives. Since many studies indicate that exercise plays an important role in preventing work related pain in bone and joints. Knowing that everybody takes short breaks during the day, we wanted to use these breaks, by giving small exercise programs that could fit into these breaks. We developed Pauseboogie – a set of simple but effective exercises for each of the typical areas where people often have pain. Pauseboogie can be personalized so everyone can put together their own unique Pauseboogie. The universe surrounding Pauseboogie is modern in the look; name, logo and music and Facebook has been used as the focal point for the campaign. New media platforms were used to communicate and an App for smartphones was developed, so it’s possible always to have the exercises by the hand.

Results The Pauseboogie campaign ran from mid August till mid November. The campaign was very visible online with banner campaigns that was activated by mouse-over and supported by TV commercials and radio. The Pauseboogie App was downloaded by more than 24.000 people. The Danish Rheumatism Association had close to 10.000 new “friends” on its Facebook profile. The campaign had a very broad appeal and on top of all the individuals that took the app down on their smartphone, workplaces used Pauseboogie on Facebook and in many Danish schools Pauseboogie is used on Smartboards to give the pupils an energy boost during the day.

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