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AB1472-HPR Association between the age of the knee osteoarthritis manifestation and bone mineral density
  1. L. Alekseeva1,
  2. E. Zaitseva2,
  3. A. Smirnov2
  1. 1Osteoarthrosis
  2. 2Institute of Rheumatology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background There are data demonstrated association between BMD and the risk of manifestation OA. Some researchers revealed association between high BMD score in hip and lumbar region and high risk of knee OA.

Objectives To study of association between axis BMD and the age of the manifestation, clinical and instrumental features of OA.

Methods 158 consecutive females aged 45 years and over with primary knee OA diagnosed according to the ACR criteria were included in the study. Bilateral knee radiographs was performed using posteroanterior position, DXA of lumbar spine and femoral neck was acquired on QDR-450w (Hologic). MRI and US of knee were performed. 74 patients with normal or increased spine BMD and 42 patients with osteoporosis (OP) were analyzed.

Results OP had 30,8% patients, osteopenia - 14,7%, and normal or increased spine BMD had 54,4% patients. The duration of OA was comparable in all three groups. The manifestation of OA in the group with OP was in a older age (54,2±11,9 yr.) as compared with the group with osteopenia (47,5±10,4 yr.) and the group with normal BMD ((47±8,4 yr.) (P12=0,046, P13=0,005). The share of the person with early knee pain manifestation (before 45 yr.) among women with high or normal BMD was as twice more than among women with OP (67,6% vs 30% accordingly). At the age of over 45 yr. knee pain was in 32,4% in group with high or normal BMD and in 70% in group with OP. The odds ratio was 4,8 in group with early OA manifestation and high or normal lumbar BMD score.

The OA stage was less among persons with combination of OA and OP. X-ray examination demonstrated more wide joint space and smaller osteophyte size in this persons.

The results of the logistic regression analyses are presented in table.

Overall percentage in logistic regression model = 93,0%.

Conclusions Persons with high and normal lumbar BMD score have more early OA manifestation.

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