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AB1206 Use of questionnaires for life quality assessment of JIA patients in actual clinical practices
  1. T. Shelepina,
  2. N. Stepanenko,
  3. E. Fedorov
  1. Research Institute of Rheumatology RAMS, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Life quality is one of the objective criteria of JIA patients treatment efficiency.

Objectives To examine comparability of assessment results in terms of the degree of motor disturbance and presence of psychological and school problems related to patient assessment when using various questionnaires.

Methods 51 pts with several variants of JIA (9 pts suffering from the systemic variant; 27 – polyarticular variant; 5- oligoarticular, JAS-4 pts and 4 pts suffering from psoriatic arthritis. F/M =82/18%. (CHAQ – validated version(1), JAQQ and JAMAR: non-validated version – direct translate(2, 3). Average age is equal to 13.8±3.5 yrs. Average remoteness of the illness is 7.1±3.8 yrs.

The following questionnaires were applied: CHAQ(1gr); JAQQ(2gr); JAMAR (3gr); combination (4gr). Clinical courses and time of illness did not differ much. 41 pts were examines by a psychologist.


Serious psychological problems were revealed with 50% of patients (psychologist data).

Conclusions The above questionnaires provide comparable results in terms of pts number with various degrees of motor disturbances. Comparability in terms of social status is not complete. Multifunctional questionnaires provide an adequate vision of the patient group in general. For individual evaluation of the patient’s state a consultation of a psychologist in required. Combination of questionnaires is not feasible. It is preferable to apply CHAQ and JAMAR.

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