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AB0965 Multicentre randomized clinical study of aceclofenac versus diclofenac in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis
  1. E.P. Sharapova,
  2. E.A. Taskina,
  3. D.A. Gukasyan,
  4. O.N. Ivanova,
  5. T.A. Raskina,
  6. L.I. Menshikova,
  7. I.A. Vinogradova,
  8. L.I. Alekseeva
  1. Osteoarthritis, Institute of Rheumatology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Objectives To assess the efficacy and safety of Rceclofenac (200mg/day) versus Diclofenac (100mg/day) therapy during three month in patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Methods 200 outpatients (each group consists of 100 patients) with knee OA (mean age 62,6±7,1), with Kelgren and Lawrence radiograhic grade II-III, pain >40mm at a 100mm visual analog scale (VAS) were studied. WOMAC and EQ-5D questionnairies, and “stand up and go” test were served as criteria of treatment efficacy.

Results There was no difference between groups regarding baseline characteristics. The significant decrease of pain and joint function improvement was observed in both groups after the first month of each treatment. This was maintained during the whole period of the follow-up. Significant decrease in stiffness was observed after one month of Aceclofenac and after two months of Diclofenac treatments. Significant improvement of general health and EQ-5D questionnaire results as well as decreased “stand up and go” test accomplishment time were observed in both groups after one month of treatment. After the first month significant “improvement” was observed in 86.3% in Aceclofenac patients and in 66% patients from Diclofenac group and after three month of treatment, in 95.8% and 76.2% patients, respectively (p<0.05). Therapy tolerance was satisfactory. Adverse effects were noted in 3% of Aceclofenac treated OA patients and in 12% subjects treated with Diclofenac.

Conclusions Our results show that both drugs were effective in the treatment of OA. Rceclofenac is capable of decreasing pain faster than Diclofenac. In addition Rceclofenac use is associated with a decreased risk of gastroenterological side effects.

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