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AB0948 Disease duration is a factor of the joint damage in DMARDs naÏve early perypheral psoriatic arthritis patients
  1. S.O. Krasnenko1,
  2. E.Y. Loginova1,
  3. T.V. Korotaeva1,
  4. D.V. Goryachev2,
  5. A.V. Smirnov3
  1. 1Laboratory of Seronegative Spondyloarthritis
  2. 2Department of Medico-Social Investigations
  3. 3Department of Radiology, Research Institute of Rheumatology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background In psoriatic arthritis (PsA) radiographic joint damage is a risk factor of the a poor outcome of the disease and mortality.

Objectives the aim of this study was to determine whether the duration of PsA has an influence on the progression joint erosion in early peripheral DMARD naïve PsA patients (pts).

Methods 60 pts (M/F – 23/37) with new onset PsA, according to the CASPAR criteria, the mean age 41.25±13.6 yrs, (Min 18-Max 72 yrs.), the average duration of the PsA being 0.87 yr. [0.5;1.5] (Min 0.16 - Max 2 yrs.), the average duration of the PsO being 7.5 yr. [2;20] (Min 0.3 - Max 47 yrs.), the mean DAS 3.45 (2.76; 4.41),DMARD naïvewere recruited.All pts underwent standard radiographic (Rg) examination and MRI of the hands and the feet via “Artoscan C” (0.2 T) (“Esaote” Italy). In both Rg and MRI slides were being calculated the number of the joint’s region (NJ’sR) with erosions and cysts depends on PsA duration – until 0.5 yr. (n=22), 0.5 - 1 yrs. (n=18), >1 yr. (n=20) by the two radiologist. Results are expressed as Mean ± SD, Me[Q25; Q75],(Min-Max); Pearson’s correlation coefficient, Kruskal-Wallis (K-W)H -test for comparison were performed. All p<0.05 were considered to indicate statistical significance.

Results In the MRI slides for PsA duration until 0.5 yr.; 0.5 -1yrs.; >1yr. the mean NJ’sR with erosions and cysts was 0.95±1.4, [Min 0 - Max 4]; 0.67±1.53, [Min 0- Max 6]; 2.70±3.84, [Min 0 – Max 12] accordingly. By the Rg for PsA duration until 0.5 yr.; 0.5 -1yrs.; >1yr. the mean NJ’sR with erosions and cysts was 1.73±2.09, [Min 0 - Max 7]; 2.33±2.95, [Min 0- Max 8]; 3.30±3.89, [Min 0 – Max12] accordingly. We were found significant correlation between PsA but not PsO duration and NJ’sR with erosions and cysts both MRI (r=0.38) and Rg (r=0.27). Significant differences were found in NJ’sR with erosions and cysts for PsA duration until and after 1.5 yr. (KW-H (1.60) =6.48, p=0.0109).

Conclusions The course of the PsA is more severe than thought previously. PsA pts should be treated at an early stage of the PsA in order to try and prevent joint damage and for an overall better outcome of the disease.

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