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AB0415 Impact of different clinical characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) on work activity of patients
  1. O. Vakulenko,
  2. O.A. Krichevskaya,
  3. D.V. Goryachev,
  4. Sh.F. Erdes
  1. Research Institute of Rheumatology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background Work productivity loss and activity impairment is one of most important RA consequences and leads to considerable financial losses.

Objectives To study the effect of RA clinical characteristics on work productivity of patients (pts).

Methods 137 RA pts were enrolled: 116 women and 21 men. Average age was 52.03+13.17 yrs. Age at the onset of the disease was 42.12+14.43 yrs. 59 pts had paid employment. Joint damage was estimated according to Sharp Score in van der Heijde modification (total vdH-Sharp score) and RA activity – according to DAS28. Quantitative assessment of functional statute was done by using Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ). Study of work productivity and regular activities was done by questionnaire Work Productivity and Activity Impairment-Specific Health Problem Questionnaire (WPAI-SHP). Average value of DAS28 4.8+1.4, HAQ – 1.42+0.82, 60.6% were seropositive by RF, 79.6% - positive by ACCP. Median total vdH-Sharp score – 83.0[59.0-118.0]. 54.8% of pts at the moment of examination used methotrexate, 19.7% - biological agents, 8,8%> leflunomide.

Results Mean absenteeism was 28.2% (mediana 2.6%[0-44.4%]). In 28 out of 59 working pts the value were equal to 0. Mean presenteeism was 54.8%±34.4%. Regular activities determined in all pts was decreased by 53.6±25.7%.

Association between clinical data and values of index WPAI was determined by using Spearman correlation factor. Absenteeism negatively correlated with RA duration (R=0.26). DAS28 index directly correlated to all WPAI indices: absenteeism – R=0.27; presenteeism – R=0.63; overall work impairment - R=0.46; activity impairment - R=0.52. Most strong correlation was found with pain intensity assessment by patient (by WAS), values of correlation were higher than 0.5. HAQ index was not connected with absenteeism while its association with presenteeism overall work impairment, activity impairment was high (R=0.64; R=0.40; R=0.61 correspondingly). Most expressed associations were determined between index of patient physical condition – PCS SF-36 as compared to mental. No correlation of WPAI with total vdH-Sharp score was found.

Conclusions RA clinical characteristics strongly correlated to work productivity of pts determined by WPAI-SHP. RA severity determines dropping of absenteeism as well as presenteeism in RA pts.

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