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FRI0349 Results of a multinational survey regarding the definition of remission in juvenile idiopathic arthritis related uveitis
  1. I. Foeldvari
  2. and Multinational Interdisciplinary Working Group for Uveitis in Childhood (MIWGUC)
  1. Am Schönklinik Hamburg, Hamburger Zentrum Kinder- Und Jugendrheumatologie, Hamburg, Germany


Background Currently new treatments appears to be more effective for the control of the disease in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) associated uveitis, that remission of JIA associated uveitis is a realistic aim. It would be nice to have a composite index to define remission of uveitis currently.

Objectives to survey paediatric rheumatologist how they define remission of JIA associated uveitis.

Methods Paediatric rheumatologic colleagues were asked to fill out a survey with 12 items regarding the definition of remission. The survey was distributed over the Paediatric Rheumatology E-Mail board.

Results 34 centres responded to the survey till end of January 2012. The response reflects a multinational participation with 19 north American centres, 8 European centres, 4 South American centres, 2 centres from Israel and 1 centre from Australia. 30 of the 34 centres defined as part of remission less than 1 steroid eyedrop per day. Regarding the use of systemic steroids 16 centres defined remission as less than 0.05 mg/kg/day of applied systemic steroids and 14 as no use of systemic steroids at all. 28 of the centres defined remission as less than 1 cell per field in the anterior chamber on slit lamp exam and as the grading of chamber flare as none. 33 centres defined the absence of macular edema as a requirement for remission. 29 defined the absence of new or progressing synechia as part of remission. 23 centres defined the absence of decreased or increased ocular pressure as part of remission. 27 centres defined the absence of occurrence of new cataracts as part of remission. 29 centres defined the absence of new band keratopathy as part of remission. 23 defined the absence for need for surgery on the eye as part of remission.

Conclusions The results of the survey are a start to define remission of JIA associated uveitis with a composition of items. Some of the items overlap reflect active disease and/or damage of the disease or side effects of medication. A planned consensus meeting will define a preliminary set of items to define remission. This new definition has to be tested prospectively regarding validity.

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