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SP0176 Measuring outcomes in a busy practice
  1. M.L. Hetland
  1. DANBIO registry and Dept. of Rheumatology, Glostrup Hospital, Glostrup, Denmark


Observational outcomes captured in routine care are a significant source of research data that complements results obtained from randomized clinical trials. It is a challenge to organize the clinical work in a busy department in ways that enables such data collection. Web-based registration of clinical data has evolved as a feasible tool for the busy clinician. By entering patient-reported and clinical outcomes in real-time, the rheumatologist gets a very good overview of the disease course in the individual patient. Data can then also be used for research purposes.

In Denmark, the nationwide DANBIO database has been in use since year 2000. It is based on open source technology, which has advantages in requiring less economic resources. It has been demonstrated that electronic registration of PROs is equivalent to paper-based registrations [1]. Data from DANBIO on indications for biological treatment [2,3], treatment effect of biological therapies in RA [4,5], PsA [6]and AS [7], switching [8] have been published. Also data on HR-QoL [9], gender differences [10], radiographic progression [11] and health economy [12-13] have been published.

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