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THU0440 Effectiveneeffectiveness of ultrasound guided corticosteroids injections in interdigital morton’s neuroma a survey of 23 patients
  1. R. Ghozlan1,
  2. F. Zeitoun2
  1. 1Rheumatic Diseases, Wilson Medical Office, PARIs
  2. 2Imaging department, 75116, Paris, France


Background Morton’s Neuroma (interdigital Neuroma), first described in 1876, is a perineural fibrosis and nerve degeneration of the common interdigital nerve

The most frequent location is between the 3 and 4 metatarsals (third webspace).

Clinical symptoms combine pain on walking, burning sensation, paresthesiae.

Neuromas are visualised by sonography as hypoechoic nodules or by MRI which showed hyposignal in T1and T2.

Objectives The goal of the study was to demonstrate the effectiveness of ultrasound guided corticosteroids injections

Methods 23 patients (3 males, 20 females), (mean age 64,7; age range 49 to 85 years) underwent ultrasound corticosteroid guided injections

The neuroma was unilateral 11 times and bilateral 10 times

Location: 2th intermetatarsal webspace: 16

3th intermetatarsal webspace: 23

The injection was performed 1 time in 17 cases and 2 times in 6 cases.

The injection of 1cc Cortivazol with 1cc of 1% lidocaïne was performed in the symptomatic intermetatarsal webspace.

The efficacy of the injection was evaluated clinically (improvement of symptoms by the Johnson grading scale) and by imaging: reduction of size of the neuromas

Results 60% of the neuromas showed complete satisfaction 6 months after the treatment and a very important reduction of size of the neuroma.

20% showed significant improvement of the pain and significant reduction of size of the neuroma.

20% showed no improvement and 10% required surgery.

Conclusions Ultrasound guided corticosteroid injections are a simple, safe and efficace procedure in the treatment of Morton’s Neuroma.

  1. Sofka C.M., Adler R.S., Ciavarra G.A. and Pavlov H. Ultrasound guided interdigital neuromas injections: short term clinical outcomes after a single percutaneous injection. Preliminary results HSS J 2007, 3(1), 44-49

  2. Markovic M, Crichton K., Read J.W., Lam P. Stater H.K., Foot Ankle 2008, 29(5), 483-7

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