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SP0001 Pre-conference outlook session for pare eular delegates
  1. K.L. Betteridge
  1. N/A, London, United Kingdom


Background PARE EULAR delivered the first EULAR Congress orientation session at the beginning of the 2011 EULAR congress in London. Three representatives of the PARE task force were asked to put together a session which would aid people’s understanding of what the congress offers and how to move around the congress centre.

Objectives Members of the PARE task force will provide delegates with information before the Congress begins to allow them to get the best from the EULAR 2012 Congress in Berlin. This will enable people to choose the most appropriate sessions for them to attend, as well as the social activities they might choose to participate in.

Methods Ursula Faubel, Yoldana Marron Fernandez and Kate Betteridge of the PARE task force will welcome delegates to Berlin and introduce the pre-conference outlook session. Speakers will provide an overview of the congress logistics, provide details of how the congress programme was put together, provide information about the Standing Committee Meeting of PARE, introduce the PARE and joint sessions, and outline the social and networking programme. Delegates will have an opportunity to ask questions throughout the session.

Result By informing delegates about their options throughout the week, we intend that people feel more confident about choosing the most appropriate sessions to attend, feel more confident about navigating the congress centre and know how they can participate in the social and networking events planned during the congress.

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