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  1. Ingrid Lundberg, Chairman

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 32nd European Workshop for Rheumatology Research in Stockholm, Sweden, from February 23–25, 2012.

It is a great privilege to host the European Workshop for Rheumatology Research (EWRR), which is the primary meeting for European scientists in rheumatology research. EWRR is the meeting that facilitates interactions between basic, translational and clinical research. One of its goals is to promote young scientists in this area of research. EWRR serves as a platform for presenting scientific advances in rheumatology research in Europe and is a forum for networking within science, and thereby offers great possibilities for young scientists to meet with more experienced researchers.

The 32nd EWRR that takes place in Stockholm will have a particular focus on translational research and clinical application of basic research in rheumatic diseases. The faculty represents world leading female and male scientists in the field of inflammation, immunology, epidemiology, rheumatology and related research areas. Presentations of abstracts and posters will be given considerable amount of time. EULAR kindly provides travel bursaries for young scientists.

Stockholm in February means winter with snow and ice. Be prepared and bring warm clothes to be able to enjoy a touch of winter, maybe on the ice on the sea close to the EWRR convention site. Do not hesitate to sign up, although it may be cold outside we promise that indoors it will be warm and pleasant and the meeting venue will promote rewing scientific interactions and discussions.


On behalf of the local and international scientific committees,

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