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2010 update of the ASAS/EULAR recommendations for the management of ankylosing spondylitis
  1. J Braun1,2,
  2. R van den Berg3,
  3. X Baraliakos1,
  4. H Boehm4,
  5. R Burgos-Vargas5,
  6. E Collantes-Estevez6,
  7. H Dagfinrud7,8,
  8. B Dijkmans9,
  9. M Dougados10,
  10. P Emery11,
  11. P Geher12,
  12. M Hammoudeh13,
  13. RD Inman14,
  14. M Jongkees15,
  15. MA Khan16,
  16. U Kiltz1,
  17. TK Kvien17,
  18. M Leirisalo-Repo18,
  19. WP Maksymowych19,
  20. I Olivieri20,
  21. K Pavelka21,
  22. J Sieper22,
  23. E Stanislawska-Biernat23,
  24. D Wendling24,
  25. S Özgocmen25,
  26. C van Drogen15,
  27. BJ van Royen26,
  28. D van der Heijde27
  1. 1Rheumazentrum Ruhrgebiet, Herne, Germany
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  1. Correspondence to Professor Dr J Braun, Rheumazentrum Ruhrgebiet, Landgrafenstrasse 15, 44652 Herne, Germany; j.braun{at}


This first update of the ASAS/EULAR recommendations on the management of ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is based on the original paper, a systematic review of existing recommendations and the literature since 2005 and the discussion and agreement among 21 international experts, 2 patients and 2 physiotherapists in a meeting in February 2010. Each original bullet point was discussed in detail and reworded if necessary. Decisions on new recommendations were made — if necessary after voting. The strength of the recommendations (SOR) was scored on an 11-point numerical rating scale after the meeting by email. These recommendations apply to patients of all ages that fulfill the modified NY criteria for AS, independent of extra-articular manifestations, and they take into account all drug and non-drug interventions related to AS. Four overarching principles were introduced, implying that one bullet has been moved to this section. There are now 11 bullet points including 2 new ones, one related to extra-articular manifestations and one to changes in the disease course. With a mean score of 9.1 (range 8-10) the SOR was generally very good.

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