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Single injection of antigen-specific regulatory Tr1 lymphocytes protects mice from severe collagen-induced arthritis
  1. D Martire1,
  2. A-L Bonnefont1,
  3. H Asnagli2,
  4. N Belmonte2,
  5. M Jourdin-Boucard2,
  6. S Rouquier2,
  7. A Mantello2,
  8. P B Fall2,
  9. A Foussat2,
  10. C Jorgensen1,
  11. P Louis-Plence1
  1. 1INSERM U844, Université Montpellier, Montpellier, France
  2. 2CNRS, Montpellier, France

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Tr1 cells have been characterised as induced T regulatory lymphocytes (Treg) inhibiting inflammation in various chronic inflammatory models. Based on these data, a clinical trial is ongoing in Crohn's disease. However, the therapeutic potential of these cells has not yet been evaluated in rheumatoid arthritis.


Collagen type II specific …

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