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The bacterial effector protein YopM is a selfdelivering immune therapeutic agent that reduces inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
  1. J Bertrand,
  2. C Rüther,
  3. J Scharnert,
  4. M Niedermeier,
  5. A Schmidt,
  6. T Pap
  1. Institute of Experimental Musculoskeletal Medicine, University Hospital Muenster, Germany

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Synovial fibroblasts (RASF) are active drivers of joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) through the production of cytokines that maintain the inflammatory process. The Yersinia outer protein M (YopM) is an effector protein of pathogenic Yersinia and is able to enter host cells by membrane penetration and subsequent downregulation of inflammatory responses. Here, we investigated whether YopM has the potential to act as a ‘self-delivering’ immune therapeutic agent by exhibiting a beneficial effect on inflammation and joint destruction …

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