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Natural autoantibodies reactive to glycosaminoglycans are disease state markers in rheumatoid arthritis and are associated with HLA
  1. B György,
  2. L Tóthfalusi,
  3. G Nagy,
  4. M Pásztói,
  5. P Géher,
  6. A Polgár,
  7. B Rojkovich,
  8. I Ujfalussy,
  9. P Misják,
  10. A Koncz,
  11. E Pozsonyi,
  12. G Füst,
  13. A Falus,
  14. E I Buzás
  1. Semmelweis University, Hungary

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Although natural autoantibodies make up the majority of circulating immunoglobulins, they have received little attention lately. This study examined systematic antibodies (Abs) reactive to glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), the carbohydrate components of proteoglycans that are released in large amounts from degrading cartilage.


To measure Abs reactive to six different types of GAGs, a specialised ELISA was used in which the carbohydrates were covalently linked to the plastic surface through a 2 nm spacer. Sera from rheumatoid arthritis patients (n=6), …

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