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Increased serum adiponectin levels in female patients with erosive compared with non-erosive osteoarthritis
  1. M Filková,
  2. M Lišková,
  3. H Hulejová,
  4. M Haluzík,
  5. J Gatterová,
  6. A Pavelková,
  7. K Pavelka,
  8. S Gay,
  9. U Müller-Ladner,
  10. L Šenolt
  1. Institute of Rheumatology, Prague, Czech Republic
  1. Dr L Šenolt, Na Slupi 4, Prague, Czech Republic 128 50; seno{at}

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Adipocytokines including adiponectin and resistin are suggested to be associated with obesity-related complications.1 In general, higher systemic concentrations of resistin and adiponectin compared with paired synovial fluid counterparts were demonstrated in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.24 In contrast, resistin and adiponectin levels were found to be increased at local sites of inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.35 It is suggested that adiponectin in particular actively participates in the process of immune response, inflammation and matrix degradation in destructive arthritides.6 7

Erosive osteoarthritis represents a subtype of generalised osteoarthritis primarily affecting the small joints of the hands, with prominent local inflammation …

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