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Ultrasound ability in early diagnosis of stress fracture of metatarsal bone
  1. F Banal,
  2. F Etchepare,
  3. B Rouhier,
  4. C Rosenberg,
  5. V Foltz,
  6. S Rozenberg,
  7. A C Koeger,
  8. B Fautrel,
  9. P Bourgeois
  1. Service Rhumatologie Groupe, Hospitalier Pitié Salpêtrière, 47/83, boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75651 Paris, Cedex 13, France
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr F Banal

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A 42 year old woman, with rheumatoid arthritis for 14 years, treated with leflunomide 20 mg/day and prednisolone 5 mg/day, had mechanical pain over the dorsum of the right foot for 3 weeks. She had increased her walking activities a couple of weeks before the pain started. On clinical examination, there was a marked swelling and painful area on the second metatarsal. Plain radiographs were normal.

Sonography of the foot was obtained with a Esaote MP system and a 7.5–13 MHz linear transducer. Only the dorsal aspect of the foot was required in a longitudinal and axial view. A hypoechoic haematoma with periosteal elevation …

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