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Short term palindromic rheumatism after clopidogrel use
  1. P R J Ames1,
  2. G Fossati2,
  3. C Tommasino2
  1. 1Department of Haematology, Inverclyde Royal Hospital, Larkfield Road, Greenock, PA16 0XN, Scotland, UK
  2. 2Chemical Pathology and Immunology, S Gennaro Hospital, Via S Gennaro de’ Poveri, 80100, Naples, Italy
  1. Correspondence to:
    Dr P R J Ames

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Clopidogrel belongs to a new class of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) receptor antagonists employed for the prevention of ischaemic stroke and myocardial infarction. We describe a case of palindromic rheumatism developing 3 weeks after clopidogrel treatment.

A 47 year old woman underwent a stress ECG for sporting purposes that showed a 2.2 mm depression of the S-T segment. A coronary angiogram showed stenosis of the IVA in its middle portion and in the right coronary artery. The patient had never had hyperlipidaemia, diabetes or hypertension, was not menopausal, but had been smoking 10 cigarettes a day for the past 15 years.

She underwent angioplasty with insertion of two stents …

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