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Inflammatory rheumatic disorders
  1. B Pal1
  1. 1South Manchester University Hospital, UK
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    Dr B Pal

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I was interested to read the paper by Guillemin et al, where the authors used a detailed questionnaire for a telephone survey of patients to assess rheumatic problems.1 I have used a similar but somewhat more extensive questionnaire, which was initially designed for doctors such as general practitioners to complete and return through my cyberclinic project.2

In this study we evaluated the feasibility of a rheumatology consultation and advisory service using internet and email. We devised and posted a detailed rheumatology pro forma on our website (; accessed 26 February 2004) for general practitioners to complete and return on the internet. Two trainee doctors interviewed and completed the pro forma for 207 new patients. Based on this information from the questionnaire alone we were then able to provide provisional diagnoses and management plans, which we compared with those drawn up after a face to face …

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